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Polyurethane foams make our daily lives safer and more comfortable. They are vital to applications that we take for granted. Mattresses, furniture cushions and car seats are just some examples.

Rigid polyurethane block foam is very versatile, through both its physical strengths and it’s mechanical properties. These qualities enable it to be used in a wide variety of multi-functional building products which combine insulation with load-bearing, impact resistant applications. AUS offers a range of systems suitable for all market applications

Gunspray’s Polyurethane Block Foam (styrene block) is cut to size on our fast wire cutting machine based at our premises in Elizabeth West.

We can order urethane foam in 35kg blocks, and this allows us to cut blocks to the exact size you require. If you are not sure which is the best size for the job you have in mind, please give us a call and we will work with you to establish the optimum dimensions for your foam blocks.

We also supply pipe section foam, which can be cut to any size too.

Gunspray in conjunction with our corporate partners can also provide purpose cut block foam walling, which is styrene with a rendered finish.

Polyurethane Bloak Foam Uses

  • Thermal insulation of roof / wall, tank, process equipment.
  • Pipe & vessel insulation / pipe supports.
  • Commercial, industrial, agricultural thermal insulation applications.
  • Marine buoyancy.
  • Formulated products for Theme Park Movie set / “special effects” applications.


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