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coatingsGunspray can supply and apply reflective or water based acrylic coatings.

We can apply roofing and Hybrid Acrylic coating for use over polyurethane to protect foam which is UV stable.

Gunspray offers a range of VOC-Free water based acrylic coatings, with a variety of variations all designed for specific uses and conditions.

The particular coating you need will depend on what the primary purpose for the coating is, how big the area is you have to cover, whether or not the coating will be subject to wear and tear from foot or vehicular traffic, OH&S regulations that apply to your industry, whether it is outdoors or indoors and other such considerations.

If you know what area you want to be coated, but aren’t sure which is the right product to use. Give us a call and we will be able to help. We are experts in water based acrylic coating and have provided a high quality of advice and service to many SA firms.

Leon: Advantages of Water based acrylics

A major advantage of water-based coatings is that they are environmentally friendly and therefore contribute to overall OH&S commitments by helping companies to conform to ISO14000 quality standards. The product is easy to apply, has a high solids content in spray (S) or dip (D) forms and requires no thinner.

Supply chain costs are also reduced due to material being unrestricted for transport in terms of flammability issues.

Specialist Knowledge needed to apply acrylic coatings.

Water based acrylic coatings do require specialist knowledge, as they do not act in the same way as similar products using chemical solvents. So, if you want to be sure that your coating performs to the highest possible level, make sure you deal with someone who can demonstrate that they have the appropriate level of knowledge and experience. If you do this you will find that water based coatings perform extremely well and can outshine solvent based acrylic coatings in many applications.

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Polyurea is extremely durable and versatile – it can be used successfully for the following applications

  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Protective coating
  • Thermal coating
  • Acoustic barrier
  • Rust preventative coating
  • Chemically resistant coating
  • Structural enhancer
  • Decorative coating
  • Dam linings
  • Pool linings
  • Seal concrete bunting

Polyurea coatings have superior durability and performance compared to epoxy and urethane coatings. They also have additional flexibility for natural movement within materials.

Polyurea is used in lagging as a thermal barrier and for acoustic insulation.
Quick to apply by spray and fast setting, polyurea materials are extremely adhesive and create a seamless waterproof barrier around the outside of any structure.


Polyurea is the latest advancement in coating technology providing the best of all worlds. Its immense durability means it is 20 times stronger than epoxy. It is chemically resistant to oil, salt, gas and other harsh chemicals and compounds. Best of all, being 98% more flexible than epoxy, allows for natural concrete movement without cracking or peeling.

Polyurea has been utilised for over the 25 years in a range of industrial applications such as: pipe/pipeline coatings and linings | manhole and sewer linings | water treatment plants

Fast cure times, flexibility, and abrasion-resistance are among the excellent properties of Polyurea, which make it a premium choice for the harsh demands of an industrial environment.


Polyurea should only be applied by trained and qualified professionals, due to the fast drying times and the level of skill and experience required to apply an even and comprehensive coat to the correct level for the specific needs of each location and the type of work taking place in each business.

To apply Polyurea we require two metering or proportion pumps that heat and proportion the two components, isocyanate and polyol resin through heated hoses to the spray gun in equal proportions. The two materials are kept completely separate through the whole system until they are mixed together in the specially designed gun, where they are sprayed onto the substrate.

Polyurea Advantages

  • Sets in less than 20 seconds
  • Resistant to moisture, temperatures and weather changes, making it ideal for coatings on large surface area projects.
  • Superior durability and performance compared to, with added flexibility for natural movement within materials.
  • Can be applied to almost any thickness in one application.
  • Excellent physical properties including tensile strength, adhesiveness, flexibility, and wear resistance.
  • Contains no solvents or VOCs, and it is low odour.
  • Seamless application, no joins or gaps that water can penetrate.


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