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Gunspray began with David Gunn in the 70’s and changed hands between a small number of businesses before becoming a Brady family business.

Bob Brady was the original Brady family member to own Gunspray, but sold the business to Eastwood Insulation when he was preparing to retire. Under the management of Eastwood Insulation, Bob continued to work until 1994 when Leon Brady, the current owner of Gunspray, agreed to manage the polyurethane side of the business. At this time Leon was in charge of the pre-insulated piping and spray foam operation based at Wingfield.

Leon has worked with polyurethane since childhood, and with that history has seen changes in the industry from blowing agents which deplete the ozone to new eco-friendly products being put into use. Advancements have also meant that the job has become easier with new equipment, which is beneficial for the customer and operator.

Gunspray has now been operating for approximately 40 years, and continues to maintain high quality product and service.


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