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Bolivar Sewage Treatment Plant

Spraying of insulating sealant on digester lid at Bolivar Sewage treatment plant

Semitrailer Insulating Sealant

Spraying of insulating sealant in semitrailer that was converted to a mobile home

Matt Jonsson – Virtual life artist

Virtual life artist Matt Jonsson all his life size figures are sprayed with a waterproofing undercoat

Poultry Shed Insulation

Massive Poultry shed sprayed for insulation

West End Brewery Truck

Historic west End Brewery truck sprayed with a waterproofing undercoat

Versacold Cold Storage Plant Laverton Victoria

Egg Packing Shed Roof Sealing

Hickory construction melbourne

Shed Sealing

Under side Flower trailer

Spraying of insulating sealant on the under side of a flower trailer


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