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Rigid pour foam systems are very energy efficient, versatile and high performance – where the two liquid components are combined on site, when poured, they expand and harden on curing. The foam is very effective when used to fill and insulate cavities.

Gunspray supplies a wide choice of systems for rigid polyurethane pour foam, each designed to suit specific conditions. These systems have great thermal insulation properties and are used widely in the building & construction, marine buoyancy, automotive, oil & gas, mining, agriculture, insulation, and refrigeration industries.

Gunspray can customize systems to meet your specific application needs and application purposes.

Give us a call and we will wok out the best Pour Foam solution for your business:

Pour Foam Options

  • Machine dispensed & “hand-mix” types.
  • Fire Retarded and special use formulations.
  • Density range from 25 to > 900 kg / m³ to suit a wide range of Situations.


  • Thermal insulation and refrigeration
  • Water heater systems
  • Packaging foam
  • Continuous & discontinuous panel line systems
  • Cavity Filling of Rotary Moulded Parts
  • Pipe injection & Vessel insulation
  • Moulding / Structural foam applications
  • Marine buoyancy

Pour-in-place polyurethane foams are chemically cured systems, engineered with a slower cure time allowing the foam to flow throughout any cavity so that it can fill the entire void.

In addition to insulating, Pour Foams can be used to add structural support, provide buoyancy, prevent vibrations and dampen sound. Gunspray can also supply low pressure formulations for intricate mold and cinder block filling.

Spray or Pour Foam Insulation for Marine Purposes

Gunspray provides on-site application of polyurethane spray and pour foam for insulation and buoyancy in boats and for other marine uses.

Spray foam is used to cover surfaces with a layer of foam insulation – because the foam is highly adhesive and sets almost instantly it is ideal for this purpose in a marine environment and it is highly durable, lasting a long time.

The nature of ou poured and injected foams make them an ideal medium for boat buoyancy.

Enhanced buoyancy properties

Polyurethane foam is preferred by boat builders due to its enhanced buoyancy properties.

1 cubic metre of polyurethane foam (32kg/ m³ density) can support approximately 950kgs of weight in the water.

Improving a boats internal buoyancy increases it’s ability to remain afloat, when capsized or swamped with water. This increases the probability of a successful rescue when an accident happens and improves the crafts overall safety.

Gunspray also supplies polyurethane foam for buoys, docks and marine flotation devices.

Polyurethane is especially suitable for marine environments.


  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Unaffected by water and moisture
  • Resistant to gasoline and oil
  • Very adhesive
  • Offers superb thermal insulation qualities
  • Effective sound insulation properties
  • Versatile and easy to apply


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