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Water Resistant
Will not absorb water should condensation occur.

Foil is thermally bonded, it will not delaminate over time

Flexible & Easy To Use
Thermobreak™ Tube SPI is tough, durable, but flexible enough to allow quick installation and make it easy to use in tight and restricted work space.

Maintains Integrity.
Thermobreak™ Tube will not compress during the life of the installation

Ideal for Outdoor Use
The UV resistant foil allows this product to be used in outdoor applications.

Non Irritant
Does not emit dust or fibres, and will not cause itchiness – therefore gloves and masks are not required during installation.

Thermobreak™ TUBE SPI reduces installation time by up to 33%

This tough, 2 metre flexible foam allows for installation in restricted areas and the 2 meter length reduces the number of joins on loner pipe sections.

Each section of insullation is pre-slit – just open and slip over the pipe. The foam will close easily and all you need to done them is press down the foil adhesive edge.

Mitres are easy, due to the robust nature of the foam so all you need is a sharp, long bladed knife.

The flexibility of the tube allows compression but ensures it will return to it’s original size.

A tight seal can be achieved between lengths by cutting them 15 – 20cmas longer than the space and when you press them into position they will expand and create a tight join.

The speed of application and low wastage means you save on labour.


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